Effective addition of calcium to the diet

In case of an increased need for calcium, which cannot be met with an appropriate diet, it becomes necessary to use calcium-containing preparations but not https://pillintrip.com/medicine/tylenol. In commonly available medicines and supplements, it is present in the form of various chemical compounds (carbonates, citrates, chelates). When purchasing a calcium preparation, you should pay attention to the content of ions, and not salts of this element. Remember that intestinal absorption of calcium is best when a single dose is a maximum of 500 mg. If there is a need to take more, the drug should be applied several times a day.

The most common salt in supplements is calcium carbonate (from sea oyster shells, for example). This compound has a low bioavailability (at the level of 20-25%, and in perimenopausal women only 4%), it causes constipation, promotes the formation of kidney stones, neutralizes gastric juice and requires ingestion during meals.

Calcium citrate is much better absorbed than carbonate (30-45%), which can be consumed with or without food. Most importantly, it does not cause flatulence and constipation.

Organic chelates (at the level of 60-80%) have high bioavailability. It is worth remembering that calcium preparations are best taken in the company of vitamins D and K2, which positively affect its absorption and proper location in the bones. They should be washed down with water, avoiding coffee, tea and carbonated drinks, which reduce the absorption of this valuable element.